Conflict: Denied Ops

Conflict: Denied Ops

Conflict Denied Ops is the fifth installment of the Conflict series
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Conflict Denied Ops is the fifth installment of the Conflict series. With this version of the game, it is the fist time that one of the Conflict games is ever released on next-gen consoles and the PC at the same time, or so. The game features 2 CIA operatives who have different styles and approaches. One of them likes to make a lot of noise and thus he usually blow up things and wastes a whole clip of ammunition to shoot one enemy. The other part of team takes things in a different way. He is a sniper, so he silently approaches his target and shoots only to kill. The game is really fun and the graphics are amazing. The game takes place during an imaginary war in Venezuela. I like it how game developers always find an imaginary setting for their wars on countries that are almost to the verge of a war. That makes them realistic. There are a lot of enemies to kill during the game and the graphics are intense, often with a lot of blood and graphic violence. Although not one of the most popular games, it should prove really fun and challenging, too.

José Fernández
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